While eating, do not rush. Each meal should take place slowly, because only after 20 minutes the brain receives a signal that hunger is satisfied. It is important to chew each piece thoroughly, which contributes to the normalization of digestive processes. It is important not to overeat, getting up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
The size of the dishes depends on whether the portion will be large. Today, many experts recommend using the “plate rule”, which allows you not to overeat, and as a result, not to gain extra pounds. According to this rule, any products can be present in the diet, while a small plate is conditionally divided into two parts. One half of the plate should be occupied by vegetables and fruits, a quarter of the surface – protein food, the second quarter – carbohydrates. This rule should be followed at every meal, as it helps not to exceed the daily calorie allowance.
Breakfast, it is very important, because it fills the body with strength and energy. Choosing what to eat for breakfast, you should not give preference to fast food, semi-finished products, because there are no useful substances in them because of the processing.
Water. Its quantity should be sufficient. Often we confuse thirst with hunger, which leads to overeating, weight gain. It is better to choose pure non-carbonated water, without sugar and flavoring additives.
Salt, its use is also important to limit. It is known that salty, spicy food contributes to the retention of fluid in the body, the formation of edema. Of course, it is impossible to completely abandon salt, the daily norm for an adult is no more than 10 grams of salt.
When visiting a store and buying groceries, you should send your cart to the department of fresh vegetables and fruits, bypassing the counters with frozen foods and semi-finished products, products with long shelf life.
Do not give up fatty foods. Of course, fried pies or fried fish bought at a stall should not be included in the diet, but you do not need to give up foods rich in healthy omega 3 fats. Low-fat foods contain a large amount of carbohydrates in their composition, so they should not be abused. Not everyone knows that low-fat products can contain a large amount of sugar, so “light” cottage cheese may be less useful in comparison with ordinary cottage cheese.
It is important not to get hung up on limitations. Agree that healthy and healthy food does not have to be tasteless, it is useful sometimes to encourage yourself with something delicious. This will not allow the body to experience stress, which often causes a breakdown when observing any monodiety involving the use of only one product for several days.
It is useful to arrange fasting days. The body also needs rest.